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La Moda! (Milan)

Hello to all!

My name is Rose-Helen Adamo and I am from San Francisco, California . I work for a fashion trend forecasting company based in New York but currently I am working for our European market, specifically Germany, so I am living in Munich at the moment. I've been in Germany two and a half years now and even though Munich is a great city, I am really over this country! The weather, the mentality, the fashion (or lack there of)!!!...time to get out of here! ; )

So that being said, at the moment I am looking to relocate to Milan by September. I am looking for work in the fashion industry: public relations, marketing, trend forecasting, event planning/production. Aside form my American citizenship, I hold the Italian citizenship as well and speak Italian. If there are any jobs available out there please do contact me!

Thank-you very much! Grazie mille!!! ; )


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