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Possibility of working in Milano - Finance etc

Hello my name is Andy and OK I don;t actually live in Milano, but I very much wish to do so. I have worked in Financial services all my life and currently find myself in Bristol UK where I have worked for just over 2 years. Prior to this I have spent most of my working life in Birmingham. I am single with no ties to the UK and travel a lot to Italy each year and simply love the country and the culture and well everything Italian. I really would like some advice from anyone working in Finance (or other sectors as a general guide) re how I could possibly go about making the possibility a reality.

I am Diploma in Financial planning qualified (Dip PF S) working towards Chartered status and considering the possibility of moving to Milano at some point n the future. I also hold advanced mortgage, equity release and long term care qualifications I have spent most of my working life within the asset and wealth management sector predominantly checking financial advice for national and international companies based in the UK. (ie compliance). My working experience spans 17 years. My working experience also encompasses almost all forms of UK investment vehicles, pensions, protection, mortgages, general insurance, corporate protection, trusts, Inheritance tax planning etc. I am also a university graduate.

How realistic is it for me to consider the possibility of moving to Milano to work in the Financial sector - I know that Italy has been hit quite badly in recent years economically and the Financial sector has suffered as a result. All of my qualifications are based around UK taxation and financial regulation and the UK financial system and I will admit I do not speak Italian which may make what I'm writing sound slightly wacky. However, I am just about to embark on learning Italian and am determined to master the language in as short a time as possible ((I only speak some Spanish currently and obviously English). If I could find a job which would allow me to learn the language on the job then that would be perfect.

I love the city (having been 3 times this year) and would do anything possible to move there and make it my home in the future. I know this would probably mean taking a wage decrease whilst I get to grips with the language potentially however I am definitely prepared to this if I could find employment working for an international financial institution based out of Milan (but which doesn't have speaking Italian as an initial prerequisite- if such a thing does actually exist.)

I am more than willing to undertake professional Italian financial qualifications in order to progress. Plus spend all my spare time trying to master the language,

Please could someone help with suggestions on how I get a foot hold in the city .

Yours in hope


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