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it's like an efficient market doesn't exist here? (Paris)

Hi all,

I just moved from Geneva to Paris and am trying to find a colocation. Let me share you my story...

The market in Geneva is actually very tight. much tighter than paris statistics wise. But there I managed to rent a 4 pieces all by myself near the lake so I thought how hard can it be to get a colocation in Paris?

and I want a colocation because I think its a better solution for me for 6 months.

So I signed up for and also recently go to le bon coin. The problem of me with these website is not that I get rejected, but that there are so few offers and for those I am interested and sent emails to, i never had them answered or phone call returned (its always to the voice mail , saying I am busy blah blah blah in french)

I was very surprised the online posts are so few and far between in in Paris. I think there are most postings on for Geneva every day.
and i consider it quite rude that the hosts never bother to turn them phones on and read the emails initiated by their own posts.

So my question is, where is the efficient, functioning market for colocation in Paris?

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