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Like to find a place to stay in Paris for 3 months

I would like to spend 3 months in Paris (or more).

I was wondering if anybody has any tips?

Here in the US we have Weekly rentals. Siegle Sites in Las Vegas and the new Protected content all over the place. Studio apartments for $200 a week, with a bed, bathroom and small kitchen. No lease, no commitments and maximum flexibility. I love living in these places. Is there anything like this in Paris?

I was figuring on flying over from the USA and spending a week in a hotel to find a place to stay longer.

I am an independent, single, male, middle aged computer consultant. All I plan to do in Paris is work 5 days a week and check things out the other 2.

And as for accommodations I have one issue, I smoke. But I am figuring that since something like 25% of Parisians smoke this would not be to much of an issue.

Now things that might work in my favor:

1) I don't need fancy accommodations. I don't need furniture. A table a chair and a mattress on the floor (which I will find/buy) is all I have needed since my kids grew up 10 years ago.
2) I can live in a little bit of a rough neighborhood, as long as there isn't like open warfare. lol
3) I can cook stuff in tin foil on a hotplate, so I don't need an elaborate kitchen.
4) I don't mind climbing a couple of staircases, but 6 flights might be a bit much.
5) I will be showing up with an extra pair of cloths and my laptop and will leave with the same. I don't own much and I like living like this, no matter what my mom says. lol. Everything I own, here in the US, fits in my car.
6) I don't mind sharing a bathroom as long as it is reasonable.
7) I am quiet, responsible, single and wont be throwing any parties or doing any drugs and have past landlord references.

Things I would really like:

1) A way to make ice.
2) Internet access.
3) Walking distance to public transportation (hopefully the Metro).
4) I need my own space so no roommates.

I am hoping to find something in the range of $850 to $ Protected content per month.

Thanks in advance for your advice...


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