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Home Internet ADSL service provider in Rome??

Rough day dealing with unashamed Vodafone dealers… After two-long months of excruciating agonies to call and wait for Vodafone call center to get my ADSL line activated, today I finally decided to take a two-hour trip to finally go to and talk with the Vodafone centre where I had originally made a subscription contract, to understand what the problem is and to find a solution. To my surprise, they told me with no shame nor an apology but very audaciously that there had been “mistakes” and that I had to make a new contract and wait for 30 more days Protected content would make it 3 months in total. They are the same people who told me two months ago that the activation would take 15 – 20 days in maximum. They didn’t explain to me today what the “mistakes” were, and just told me that I should call the Vodafone call centre Protected content the technical issues, which I had been actually calling every week to talk with several people who had always told me that the line would be activated “next week” and that I had to “wait,” for several weeks, till that “next week” has finally become two months. I see a viscious circle here that the call centre asks me to talk with the shop, and the shop asks me to talk with the call centre, and everybody is escaping from their duty to explain the issue and to sort it out. They also told me, “This is Italia. This is normal here. And ADSL is a very minor part of Vodafone business. Go and find another ADSL provider.” And rather than responding to my queries about the “mistakes,” they were just audaciously asking me whether I want to make a new contract or not, and were even calling a security guard to kick me out of their shop. Really? Is this really happening in “Europe”?

Enough with the saga with the useless and unashamed Vodafone… Pls, those who are reading this, I urge you not to lose your precious time, energy nor patience by dealing with Vodafone ADSL dealers. Now I am indeed looking for another ADSL provider, as per Vodafone’s “advice,” and am trying to find out the contacts / phone numbers for Telecom Italia, since I learned in the past two months that any ADSL service provider should rely on Telecom Italia to get the line connected, who monopolizes all the telephone lines in Italy. I have just googled the Internet, but could not really find any telephone numbers of Telecom Italia. Just like many other Italian company websites, they didn’t post their telephone numbers on the Internet. It seems that many of the Italian companies don’t want any potential customers to call them, by not posting their telephone numbers on their websites.

If anybody has the telephone number and the street address of the main office / Headquarters of Telecom Italia, pls let me know. And I indeed want to talk with the “main office,” so that I can get firm appointment / assurance with their technical as well as customer relations teams about how fast they can get the ADSL line activated, so that I lose no more time. Enough of waiting for two months for nothing but frustration and a lot of hick-ups… Thanks for reading this and the info in advance…

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