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For Interns and Professionals. Our startup, just released in beta, with 3 powerful therapeutic tools to be added in next 6wks, will be the future of marriage counseling/therapy, and will enable couples to get 24/7 help for a year for what an hour costs with a therapist, plus 8 services a therapist cannot offer.

We are confident we can prove to you we have a very strong liklihood of becoming a hugely successful company, not just financially, but far more importantly in doing the greatest good for the greatest number.
What became for the singles dating market (probably $5-10MM gross per week), we can become for couples seeking happier stronger relationships or to ensure good ones stay good or become great ones. And at the very least, we at least can be one of the 10 most socially valuable sites of Protected content .

Titles: (and you can live almost anywhere
1) Dir or VP (if experienced and with sufficient contacts) Business Development (potential to become head of Latin American Operations). We are a perfect partner play with large health insurance companies (ISAPRES) and employers, the Catholic Church, unions, etc
2) Director of Psych research and Usability testing--perfect for PhD thesis topic
3) Community Manager/Director of Social Media, CMO (eventually)

To APPLY: email us at Protected content (put Internations and the Position you are interested in, in he Subject box please)

--Yours truly, Gary Krane PhD, ceo/cofounder and head educational psychologist, /RelationshipTechnologies

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