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GMAT private tutor or group class (Sofia)


If anyone is looking for GMAT tutoring or a group class, now you can find one of the most experienced teacher from the US, who has achieved Protected content on GMAT. Here are some words about the class design. We'd like you to start to prepare earlier for the GMAT, because you can definitely improve a lot if you give yoruself two or three months of dedicated study time, without also working on application essays.

Description of Offering:

Many GMAT students can benefit from a classroom setting, because it is structured and comprehensive.

But two types of people will not benefit.

Type I: If you’ve historically struggled with Math and feel you’re just not that good at it, then another rerun of high school mathematics is unlikely to change your situation. Better would be a few short lessons in MSL, or Math as a Second Language. This is a program we developed to properly introduce you to Math as an analogue to poetry, with its own jargon and syntax, rather than just a meaningless excercise in symbol manipulation. The aim of the program is to enable you to digest conventional GMAT prep materials. It will put you on track to study either independently or in a conventional classroom setting.

Type II: If, however, you are very comfortable with Algebra, then a classroom setting is also going to be wasted on you, chock-full as it is with things you already know. If you want outperformance, you'll need to a set of techniques to get you past the "algebra-seeking missiles" especially designed to intercept ex-mathematicians and engineers. You'll also benefit from a few well-placed interventions in Grammar and Critical Reasoning, which can be transmitted in one or two sessions. We have in place an assessment and training program that you can follow at home, with periodic touch-ups with our top-scoring trainers.

At the GMAT Dojo, we are committed to giving an honest assessment of our clients' potential, and to insightful, unpublished, and effective test taking techniques. Let us send you our FREE diagnostic packet.

Kind Regards,

Hsiao Ching Liao
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