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Hello and welcome to our vibrant expat community in Cincinnati! A unique resource for expats, InterNations enables members to connect with fellow expats in 390 global communities worldwide to help with your relocation and new life. This is where your journey to Cincinnati, the American city of rolling hills and river views, nestling on the banks of the Ohio River, begins. Our thriving community of expats — as well as a number of well-researched articles — is here to guide you every step of the way, with a wealth of information to share, based on their own personal experiences. Whether you plan on living in the city, with its beautiful, turn-of-the-century homes, or in one of the estates of new properties in the suburbs, you can ask questions on InterNations, safe in the knowledge our Cincinnati expats can provide answers.

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  • Moving to Cincinnati

    Moving to Cincinnati means moving to two cities at the same time. Situated in two states, Ohio and Kentucky, Cincy offers unique neighborhoods and housing choices, with amazing architectural style and price diversity. Get the most relevant info on your future home in our guide!
  • Living in Cincinnati

    If you are looking for friendly fellow citizens, quality leisure time, sports as well as outdoor activities, and reaching everything and everyone extremely easily, Cincinnati is the right city for you! In this article, we introduces you to expat life in Cincinnati.
  • Working in Cincinnati

    Are you considering working in Cincinnati? Discover the wide range of job opportunities that this thriving city can offer you. Learn more about the local economy, job hunting, work permits in the InterNations Expats Guide to Cincinnati!

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The area's buoyant economy houses the headquarters of many international companies, including Procter and Gamble, Comair, General Electric Aviation, Toyota, and Mitsubishi. There's also plenty of entertainment — catch a baseball game at Cincinnati Reds stadium, enjoy a Cincinnati Bengals football match, visit the area's breweries and wineries, or enjoy the fine arts and go visit the Cincinnati Ballet, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Playhouse in the Park, or the Cincinnati Art Museum. The plentiful parks also offer biking, hiking, and canoeing activities. There's a diverse selection of restaurants, with every imaginable type of food! Special events take place all year round, including live bands at Riverbend music festival, Labor Day Riverfest Fireworks, and the Taste of Cincinnati food bonanza, so you have much to look forward to when relocating to Cincinnati.

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Network with fellow expats in Cincinnati through our safe and secure InterNations network and have a world of information at your fingertips. Our members, adhering to our principles of open-mindedness as well as friendly and polite behavior will guide you through every aspect of life in Cincinnati. You can also arrange to meet fellow expats face-to-face by joining InterNations Groups, with activities based on your hobbies and interests. InterNations provides a unique way of socializing with fellow expats and global minds, so don't forget to attend one of our regularly organized official events, either!

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