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Any expats looking to invest in sri lanka (Colombo)


If you are looking to invest in a business or looking for an investor I came across IBDP Bureau knows as International Bureau of Business and People Development

Its a unique organization which comes under the legal framework of Sri Lanka, founded by top corporate professionals to provide long overdue tangible true support to develop & grow business and people.

IBDP Bureau has gathered very capable & experienced national and international renowned professionals and organizations to help businesses and people to identify specific areas that need advice and help to identify & capture the business opportunities to ensure their growth.

The objectives of the Bureau are as follows

To act as a business and people development organization

To carryout business and people empowering activities globally

Represent overseas and local companies , organization and people

Professional advisory services

Helping business & people to access global markets & reach.

Promoting businesses & investments

Global trade links through Free Trade and other trade agreements.

Establish Global offices and branches

SME & entrepreneur development activities

IBDP Bureau is a great place to seek advice, share knowledge and connect with respective professionals, individuals and organizations. Our industry boards are an easy way to get expert help for your outstanding business issues & opportunities. You would be a great addition to our growing community of business professionals and talented experts.

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