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English blog writer needed (Dominican Republic)

The job entails writing a dozen blog posts about different aspects of migrating to the D.R. such as: research, exploratory visit, legal paperwork, planning and financial considerations, carrying out the move, finding work, bringing the family, adapting to the culture, etc.

Each blog post or article should be the equivalent of 5 to 6 double spaced pages long in a word processor. Writer should preferably have lived in D.R. for at least 3 years. Ability to write compelling copy in proper (North American) English, in conversational tone, is essential.

Story should feature your own experience -- both positive and negative, stressing how you handled the negatives; as well as commenting on the experiences of other expats you know.

It should be complemented by research and contain links to information sources, including internet files, your own pictures and/or videos, YouTube videos, checklists, etc.

In your research you are free to use ideas from other sources but they must be written in your own words and so as not to plagiarize copyrighted work.

Interested persons please contact me privately; include a sample of your writing, your quote per blog post as well as for the entire job, and time it would take you to complete. It is possible that we will break up the job into 3 or 4 parts in which case we could use different persons.

Please post your questions here.

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