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Moving back to D.R. after 15 years. (Dominican Republic)


Dear Internations friends, Saludos como estan?

I am in need of a little bit of advice since I've recently decided to move back to D.R. after 15 years. A grew up in D.R as a child and came to the states when I was around eleven, to Kansas City Missouri. I have continued to live here after I graduated from my university; however, I just visited my family in Santo Domingo, specifically my father and I've decided I need to be closer to my family and move back. This is a huge change but a very needed one I am very excited to move back but the advice my father gave me was to find a job before the "para que no pases trabajo". I am 26 single with no children bilingual and specialize in human resource, finance, and business. Although I've had a lot of job offers here I need to be closer to my family. With that said I am needing advice on how to find a job there, while I still live here. MOST importantly I need advice on WHERE to look for jobs. ( I am a paid member at linked and their job network is great) but I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket) Where else are good places to look for jobs?

Thanks you guys I appreciate it!


** Quick edit, I am a dual citizen of the U.S and D.R. in that department I'll be ok :-)

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