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Dublin: Great Career Options Are Overshadowed by High Living Costs

The (un)affordability of healthcare and housing in particular pull the Irish capital down.

Dublin ranks 44th out of 49 in the Expat City Ranking 2023. It even comes last in the Quality of Life Index (49th). Expats face problems with both the affordability (42nd) and the availability (45th) of public transportation. Despite the beautiful natural environment (10th), the climate and weather prove to be difficult for expats (42nd).

When it comes to the Leisure Options Subcategory (46th), respondents are disappointed with the lack of culinary variety and dining options (46th). Dublin even ranks last in the Healthcare Subcategory (49th), due to the unaffordability (48th) and unavailability (49th) of medical care. Even though expats can express their opinions freely (85% vs. 65% globally), 22% don’t feel personally safe in Dublin (vs. 8% globally).

The Working Abroad Index (15th) reveals some highlights for the Irish capital, though. The Career Prospects Subcategory (8th) is a particular one: 66% of expats are happy with their own career opportunities (vs. 57% globally). Another 65% report that the local business culture encourages creativity and thinking outside of the box (vs. 51% globally). However, Dublin places last when it comes to expats finding a purpose in their work (49th).

In the Personal Finance Index (46th), respondents struggle with the general cost of living (47th). The city’s results in the Expat Essentials Index (41st) are not much better. It’s quite a challenge for expats to get high-speed internet (42nd) and to open a bank account (41st). On top of that, Dublin ranks last globally in the Housing Subcategory (49th). Around nine in ten share that it’s neither affordable (92% negative ratings vs. 42% globally), nor easy to find (88% vs. 31%)! Overall, just 61% of expats are happy with their lives in Dublin, compared to 72% globally.

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