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Living in Aberdeen

A comprehensive guide about living well in Aberdeen

The InterNations GO! Guide provides a useful insight into life in Aberdeen, the city with majestic landscapes, the deep blue sea, and an impressive cultural heritage. Read here tips and advice about education, safety, transportation in the Granite City of Scotland!

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Life in Aberdeen

Education in Aberdeen

Living in Aberdeen, especially if moving to the area with a young family, demands a suitable education for your children. So, let’s have a closer look at what Aberdeen has available upon your family’s move from your home country or town.

Aberdeen can offer a broad selection of around 54 primary schools and 12 secondary schools. For those planning to live in Aberdeen and select private education for their youngsters, there are four different education establishments to choose from. Many who decide to settle in Aberdeen appreciate the historical depth associated with many of its educational schools and colleges, for instance Aberdeen Grammar (now a comprehensive) dates as far back as 1263. That means Aberdeen actually houses the oldest school in Britain!

There are also two universities in Aberdeen, namely:

The University of Aberdeen, providing a diverse portfolio of undergraduate and post-graduate courses including doctorate level courses in a diverse range of subjects. The University of Aberdeen also welcomes many international students through its prestigious doors.

Robert Gordon University is reported to be the UK’s best university for employment prospects, offering everything from art and design to architecture, law, health and engineering, amongst many other subjects; this is a university synonymous with results.

Safety and Security in Aberdeen

Recent figures show that inner-city violent crime within Aberdeen was down by 13% in the first quarter of 2014. Police figures also reported road incidents to have decreased by a massive 31%. House break-ins were also down by an impressive 14%. Overall crime had reassuringly fallen by 8.5%. So, it’s safe to say that security within Aberdeen is currently well under control of the local police authority and expats living in Aberdeen need not fear for their safety as long as they exercise due caution.

Transport in Aberdeen

Living in Aberdeen is made even easier with its efficient commuter route along the main A90 dual carriageway, providing a direct road between the North and the South. In fact there are six main routes into and out of Aberdeen, making travel between neighboring towns of Edinburgh, Perth and Dundee relatively stress free. Traveling by rail when living in Aberdeen is fairly straightforward, as the city boasts inner-city, local, regional and sleeper train services which stretch throughout the UK.

Bus transport in Aberdeen is reportedly good, with links to even the most rural of areas. If living in Aberdeen requires you to fly to and from the city, it is reassuring to know that Aberdeen Airport serves most UK and European destinations on a regular basis. Other international destinations are within easy reach through connecting flights via airports such as Heathrow, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. What is more, Aberdeen’s helipad is one of the world’s busiest.

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Updated on: October 21, 2021

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