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Working in Aberdeen

Find out how to get a job and work in Aberdeen

Working in Aberdeen certainly does offer expatriates a wealth of opportunity: many leading industries and its favorable position on the water make Aberdeen an attractive and lively business hub. Read in our guide some information and tips about the local economy and the job market!

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Employment in Aberdeen

Local Economy

Aberdeen’s economy began on a healthy footing when awarded ‘Royal Burgh’ status by David I. back in 1124–1153. Ever since then this magnificent city has gained momentum, boasting the largest seaport in the north east of Scotland and the only place in Scotland to be named by HSBC as one of eight ‘super cities’ spearheading the British economy and a leading business hub.

A particularly prominent industry within the area of Aberdeen is that of oil and gas, which now far outweighs the city’s traditional industries of ship building, fishing, paper manufacture and textiles. In fact ever since North Sea Oil was discovered in the 1970s, Aberdeen has also come to be known as the ‘Energy Capital’ and ‘Oil Capital’ of Europe. Careers in both the oil and gas industries are plentiful, and also highly specialized. However, the skills required are typically recognized worldwide and so skills you may have in place are highly likely to be transferable.

Work Permits in Aberdeen

Depending on which country you have moved from there are specific work permit requirements already established, details of which can be obtained from The Department of Trade and Industry. Depending on individual factors such as nationality and time permitted to stay and work in the UK, you may be granted a longer-term permit. Those moving to Aberdeen and are official British citizens, a Swiss national or a member of the European Economic area, do not typically require a work permit.

Overseas nationals must follow some vital steps when applying for work in Aberdeen, which includes having the relevant ID and documents. The first step is to check eligibility and apply for the correct type of visa. Once accepted it is essential to obtain legal approval or official permission to stay on a long term basis. When all applications have been cleared it is possible to then apply for employment within the Aberdeen area. For more information, take a closer look at our article on UK Visas and Work Permits.

Job Opportunities in Aberdeen

It is great to know that approximately 30% of Scotland’s food and drink is produced and distributed from Aberdeen, adding yet another employment opening to the region’s thriving economy. But that isn’t all. If your skills lie within the tourism or bioscience sectors, rest assured, career opportunities within these industries are plentiful too. It has been said that Aberdeen embraces immigration, especially welcoming fresh talent into the employment sector. As such, you are entering into an inviting workplace environment.

Thankfully, Aberdeen is known for its extremely low unemployment levels (in 2014 this stood at 3% in the city and 1% in the country) and it has a variety of exceptional job agencies in place to help you find that new job on your move to such a vibrant industrial city.

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Updated on: October 21, 2021
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