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What to know if you're moving to Cincinnati

Moving to Cincinnati means moving to two cities at the same time. Situated in two states, Ohio and Kentucky, Cincy offers unique neighborhoods and housing choices, with amazing architectural style and price diversity. Get the most relevant info on your future home in our guide!


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Relocating to Cincinnati

About Cincinnati

Located in the state of Ohio, Cincinnati (often nicknamed ‘Cincy’) is the third largest city in the region and also comprises part of nearby Kentucky, which lies across the Ohio River. The impressive Roebling Suspension Bridge spans the river and, when built in 1867, was the longest bridge of its kind and the model for the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.

The bridge is only one impressive landmark in a city that is known for its historic buildings and architecture. The Carew Tower, for example, is a great Art Deco building and was, in fact, the sketchbook for the Empire State Building. Fascinatingly, there is also an abandoned underground railway beneath the city (the largest in the United States) that welcomes just 250 visitors a year on organized tours.

Cincinnati has a relatively small population of approximately 300,000 inhabitants. Although residents are predominantly Caucasian, there are also large communities of those identifying as Hispanic and Latino. Spanish, the second most spoken language of Cincinnati, is only spoken by a very small percentage of the population, however.

The Climate in Cincinnati

Cincinnati’s climate is generally mild, but the city does receive a slightly higher amount of rainfall compared to the United States average. The year round mean temperature experienced by residents stands at around 54°F (12°C), however, during the summer this can rise to 86°F (30°C) with warm, humid and balmy evenings. There is generally snowfall during winter months and this allows for many winter sports to be played, including ice-skating and sledging.

Finding Accommodation in Cincinnati

Before moving to Cincinnati from locations outside of the United States, it is useful to research the types of neighborhoods that might be best suited to your needs. Online websites, forums, and blogs will give you advice and firsthand experience from residents. More generally, sites such as Movoto and can be good places to start looking at accommodation and prices. If appropriate, it is worth consulting your current or future employer as they may have deals, benefits or discounts with housing companies or realtors in the area.

Once you have arrived in the city, local newspapers such as The Cincinnati Enquirer have housing and rental classified sections, and are available from vendors all over the city. Online classifieds such as Gumtree or Craigslist can also be a good way to find accommodation, although you need to be careful and make sure the listing is legitimate before handing over any money, as scams are always a possibility.

There are numerous types of accommodation available in Cincinnati, from riverfront apartments and condos to single story, post WWII houses found in a lot of older neighborhoods, such as Milford, Loveland or West Chester. These neighborhoods range from just 15 minutes to a 45 minute commute to downtown Cincinnati, and are known for useful amenities such as schools, parks and easy access to local highways.

The North Kentucky side of the city can be slightly cheaper in terms of real estate and, for young professionals or those with younger families, good options can include slightly trendier Oakley or Hyde Park to the east of downtown Cincinnati. These neighborhoods combine beautiful and historic houses with bars, shops, restaurants and a lively urban yet community-driven atmosphere.

InterNations GO!
by InterNations GO!
06 December 2018

Living in Cincinnati

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