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What to know if you're moving to Honolulu

Best known for its constant sunshine and warm temperatures, Honolulu is an extremely popular destination for expatriates and tourists alike. But preparations for moving to Honolulu are always in order! Read the InterNations GO! Guide for an overview of the city, climate and visa application process.


All about the US

Are you thinking of relocating to the United States? Read on, for a comprehensive guide to all necessary steps to move to the USA. Get the full list of requirements for moving to the USA, a clear picture of what to expect in business and culture when you get there, and practical ‘how-to’ information about your move.
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Relocating to Honolulu

About Honolulu

Located on the island of Oahu, Honolulu is the capital and the largest city in the American State of Hawaii. A bustling and vibrant city, Honolulu has a diverse population, with the majority of people living there of Asian descent, with less than 9% Native Hawaiian or hailing from other Pacific Islands.

The population of the wider, metropolitan area of Honolulu is edging ever closer to a million people and it is a popular destination for tourists, particularly from mainland America, who flock to popular destinations such as Waikiki Beach and Pearl Harbor, the site of Japanese bombing in the Second World War. For expats moving to Honolulu and wishing to avoid the tourist trap, though, there are many other quieter beaches to choose from, all surrounded by calm, warm waters.

The Climate in Honolulu

Honolulu has a very enjoyable tropical savannah climate, with temperatures staying mostly the same all year round. The water temperature is also very warm all year round, making Honolulu a very popular destination for tropical beach holidays. The average temperature high is 80-90°F (27-32°C), with the low temperature generally not dipping below 64-75°F (18-24°C). This makes Honolulu an excellent destination for expatriates who wish to work or retire in a city that will provide them with almost continuous sunshine and the chance for many leisure and recreational activities.

Visas for the United States of America

There are several different visa categories available for expats who wish to move to Honolulu in order to work, study, or live there permanently. However, applying for permanent residence in the United States is a complex process and not one that should be entered into lightly. You may still be rejected after going all the way through the process.

Student visas are only available to those international students who have already received an offer of a place at a college or university, and accepted that offer. The institution, along with your sponsor, will then provide you with necessary information to apply for your visa. Work visas are also dependent on an offer of work with a reputable company within Hawaii, who will then have to file a petition on your behalf. For an in-depth overview of the various US visa categories, best take a look at our section on Visa and Administration in the USA.

InterNations GO!
by InterNations GO!
06 December 2018

Living in Honolulu

Living in Honolulu comes with plenty of delightful perks. With a holidays vibe and a generally laid-back lifestyle, this location is ideal for any expatriates keen on enjoying what the island has to offer. Read to find out more about Honolulu's education, transportation, culture and leisure.
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Working in Honolulu

Hawaii's capital and most populous city, Honolulu is a major business and trading hub due to its location in the Pacific Ocean. Check out our guide to make the most out of working in Honolulu: you'll find everything from economic overview and job search to work permit details.
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