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Working in Las Vegas

Find out how to get a job and work in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a unique and vibrant city, with many obvious attractions for tourists, and a rapidly growing population. The hubs of tourism contribute to much of the wealth of Las Vegas, and are major employers, but they are by no means the only employment option when it comes to working in Las Vegas.

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Employment in Las Vegas

The casinos and wedding venues of Las Vegas are famous worldwide, with the most notable gambling houses located in the Las Vegas Strip, such as Caesars Palace and the Ballagio, and over 50 wedding chapels catering to people in the downtown area. Many expats are being drawn in by the development projects that are revitalizing different areas of business in the city, and helping with its expansion. In 2012, the estimated total state product of Nevada, of which Las Vegas makes up a significant portion, was 126 billion dollar.

Local Economy

While we think of Las Vegas primarily as a location of fun and recreation, there has also been a recent push to promote jobs in other fields. Renewable energy is a major focus, with science and technology companies recruiting members at a growing rate to aid their expansion. Education is also of primary importance, with a school district that serves 300,000 pupils and employs around 37,000 people. There are also numerous private schools and colleges in the region that are always on the lookout for talented individuals to help with their efforts.

New businesses also find many perks in Las Vegas – not least in its low tax rates, thanks to the constant income of the region’s tourism. There have been many new opportunities coming to light in IT firms as well as in healthcare over recent years. Of course, if you are interested in working in the region’s entertainment and eating establishments there are lots of opportunities there too. There are more hotel rooms per capita in Las Vegas than anywhere else in the world, and the over 250 casinos in the county have revenue of over 1 million US dollar per year. The Strip offers the most famous gaming houses in the world, and the locations here are constantly on the lookout for talented people to help engage their clientele.

Job Hunting in Las Vegas

The best way to look into jobs in Las Vegas is to trawl the available positions on the internet. Some of the best local sites include: RecruitingNevada and also lasvegasjobs.com.

Alternatively, you can also look into the larger employment sites such as craigslist and indeed.com. The website of local paper Las Vegas Review offers advice and news for local jobs, as well as a job hunting toolbar powered by monster.

If you have a specialization in a particular industry, it’s a good idea to look into individual companies’ websites to see if they have rolling employment opportunities. Las Vegas is undergoing a large growth in its population at the moment, and the job climate in the USA in general is highly competitive, so it’s a good idea to start your job hunt early to avoid frustration. The work ethos is generally quite driven, with long working hours and a strong work ethic that’s powered by the abundance of young professionals.

Income Tax in Las Vegas

One of the main attractions for professionals and expats seeking work in Las Vegas is the lack of a state income tax. Nevada is one of the few states in the US that has no income tax and no corporate tax at all. This is made possible by the massive profits of the gambling industry. Wealth brought to the state through tourism makes it unnecessary to raise funds through other means, and local government is also interested in attracting non-tourism based industries to the area, so the tax break acts as a further incentive.

The sales tax varies from county to county, but in the case of most individuals looking to forge ahead with their career, the lack of state income tax in addition to the federal tax levy is a real boon. This tax incentive in turn has led to a greater level of development in start-up industries, so the future of employment in Las Vegas looks promising too.

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Updated on: December 06, 2018
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