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Working in Milwaukee

Find out how to get a job and work in Milwaukee

Home of many important and profitable companies, the city of Milwaukee, with its low unemployment rate, is a top-destination for job-seekers. Just make sure to read the InterNations GO! Guide to know how to organize your job hunting and all the paperwork!

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Employment in Milwaukee

The Local Economy in Milwaukee

Milwaukee has a thriving economy, with low unemployment rates and several Fortune 100 companies, such as Harley Davidson, choosing to make their home here. The city is a commercial hub for the whole Great Lakes region, and expats will find opportunities in a multitude of different industries and levels of skill-type. Some of the industries that dominate the local economy are machinery manufacture, print and publishing, as well as health-care. Start-up companies are also attracted to the city due to affordable rents and the high quality of living that locals enjoy.

Work Permits for Milwaukee

For those wishing to relocate to Milwaukee from locations outside of the country, you will, of course, need to apply for a visa category that includes work-permit. During your visa application, you will be asked to specify as to whether you are applying as a temporary resident or whether you intend on working in the country on a more permanent basis. Useful and relevant information is available from United States Immigration services and these can also be accessed online.

Your nearest US embassy should also be able to assist you. If you are already working for an employer who will transfer you to Milwaukee, or you have a new employer lined up in the city, they will be involved in the visa process anyway and should be able to help you during this procedure.

It is very important to plan ahead when starting the visa – and therefore the work permit – application process. Getting the final stamp of approval from the United States can take some time so plan for this in your relocation schedule. The United States is also a very popular destination for workers and this can affect the time it takes to complete your application.

Job Hunting in Milwaukee

If you are transferring to a new position in Milwaukee with your current employer then there will be little need for job hunting. If, however, you intend to find a new job on arrival in the city then there are many ways to find the right employment for you.

A good starting point for looking for a job in Milwaukee is to monitor online job postings from international websites that contain a local section specific to Milwaukee, such as Monster or Indeed. There are also some comprehensive and dedicated sites, such as Milwaukee Jobs , that specifically serve the city.

Local newspapers, such as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, typically also publish comprehensive jobs sections which can be accessed both online and in the print edition. If you have a specific industry or employer that you wish to focus your search on then it is definitely worth buying or accessing the journal that is particular to your industry.

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Updated on: March 19, 2015
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