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Living in Orlando

A comprehensive guide about living well in Orlando

A vibrant arts scene, picturesque gardens and fascinating museums are only some of the perks you get to enjoy as an expat living in Orlando. In this article of the Relocation Guide, InterNations GO! introduces you to the city's education, transportation and healthcare system.

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Life in Orlando

Healthcare in Orlando

As home to the Orlando Regional Medical Center, the city reassuringly houses one of six teaching hospitals within the state of Florida. It is actually known as Orlando’s flagship healthcare center. Along with its outstanding level of care and expertise – it‘s the only level one trauma center in Central Florida –  the service within Orlando’s Regional Medical Center is highly praised, too.

  • We are sure you’ll agree that having a choice of healthcare centers is best, though. Thankfully, Orlando has a number of other hospitals and medical centers available, too, including: UF Health Cancer Center at Orlando Health
  • Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies
  • Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
  • Dr. P. Phillips Hospital
  • South Seminole Hospital
  • Health Central Hospital
  • South Lake Hospital

Please be aware that America’s healthcare system operates differently to those in other countries, where a national health service may be available. Therefore, adequate health insurance and payment packages must be put into place if what can often be astronomical medical bills are to be avoided.

Education in Orlando

As an expat planning to live in Orlando you obviously want to know that your family is going to settle in well, too. Education is no exception there. With a choice of around 108 elementary schools, 27 junior and middle schools, 16 senior high schools and 4 alternative and exceptional schools, there is without a doubt a suitable establishment where your child or children can excel. And these are only the available public schools; Orlando is also home to a number of private educational institutions, the majority of which are religiously affiliated.

Higher Education

Orlando’s University of Central Florida (UCF) and Rollins College (Winter Park), for instance, are both fully accredited educational institutes for further education. In actual fact, Rollins College is held is particularly high regard as one of America’s best colleges. Undergraduate, graduate and specialist programs available in a diverse portfolio of subjects mean that students have a world of opportunity right there on their Orlando doorstep.

Transportation in Orlando

Living in Orlando offers a wealth of places to explore, and by using their efficient ‘Lynx’ bus service, getting out-and-about is easy. With the cost at $2 per traveler, one way including free transfers, seeing the sights and sounds of Orlando is truly affordable.

The ‘Lynx’ bus service is just one method of transport within Orlando. There is also a free bus facility in downtown Orlando known as ‘Lymmo’. In addition, with a local commuter rail system in place, there are plenty of ways, next to driving, in which expats can explore the area or catch-up with fellow expatriates living in other locations within Orlando.

Culture and Leisure in Orlando

Making the most of downtime when living in Orlando is not difficult at all. If a day on one of Florida’s sun-drenched beaches isn’t on the agenda, there are plenty of other leisure activities to try. The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, the Orlando Museum of Art, and the Orange County National Golf Centre & Lodge are just some examples of local leisure opportunities.

If sport is your thing, there are lots of activities to tempt you into action. The Florida region boasts literally hundreds of lakes that are simply perfect for a spot of fishing. Alternatively, if a leisurely round (or two) of golf is what you fancy, there are over 150 courses to practice your skills –  or to meet other like-minded expatriates along the way.

Relaxing strolls are also well within reach, especially with Orlando’s tranquil parks and gardens waiting to be explored. For the excitement junkies amongst you, don’t forget, the region’s theme parks aren’t just for the tourists – expatriates living in Florida can pencil time in for some fun, too.

From performing arts to outdoor festivals, there is something to entertain all tastes – modern and contemporary.

Safety and Security in Orlando

Knowing that you and your family are safe when living in Orlando matters. Considering the statistics is an effective way to highlight the level of security you can expect when you live in Orlando.

According to recent numbers, the chance of being a property crime victim in Orlando is around 1 in 16. The likelihood of being a victim of violent crime is approximately 1 in 110. The probability to experiencing crime in general is about 1 in 14. Sadly, these numbers are considerable higher than the national average. However, if you stay clear of certain areas (e.g. Pine Hills and Parramore), particularly at night, and exercise due caution, you will surely enjoy life in Orlando.

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Updated on: September 23, 2021
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