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Working in San Diego

Find out how to get a job and work in San Diego

San Diego is an exciting place to work in for expats from all different walks of life. One of the fastest growing industries is the health industry; the city has a growing reputation as a hub for health services, research, and education. Find out more about working in San Diego in this article.

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Employment in San Diego

San Diego is primarily known for its beaches, surfing, climate, and Navy presence. However, while not boasting the same technological credentials as the famous Silicon Valley a few hundred miles north, San Diego is still a vibrant and interesting place to work, with a host of growing industries.

Local Economy

A few years ago, San Diego was one of the worst hit areas of the country in the economic downturn. However, this is no longer the case. In fact, the city is currently setting records for its remarkable and speedy recovery, and is recovering far faster than the country as a whole.

One of the fastest growing areas of industry in San Diego is the biotech industry, which is helping to cement the city’s reputation as a leading center for health services and research. Another industry which is helping to spearhead San Diego’s recovery is the technological industry, with some specialized companies reporting remarkably high growth. For jobs in this sector, however, candidates must have highly specialized knowledge and a great deal of relevant qualifications or experience. This could include knowledge of software coding, website development, and other related technological expertise.

Of course, the tech industry isn’t something that can simply be walked into. But, at the same time, skilled employees are still in demand, and, as a result, those with the qualifications are highly sought after in the industry. The growth in companies may also lead to a construction boom, with companies needing extra space to expand into, providing jobs for builders, plasterers, and all of those connected to the construction industry.

Job Hunting in San Diego

Your method of searching for a job – if, indeed, you need to search for a job at all – will vary enormously depending on the industry, availability, and circumstances. Many expats moving to the city will likely be transferring from one job to another, and will, therefore, already have something sorted out for their arrival. However, for those intending to move to San Diego before searching for a job, or hoping to find a job in advance before moving over, a wide range of options are available.

One tried and tested method is to check the local newspaper for job advertisements. The largest local newspaper in the city is the San Diego Union-Tribune, which covers all aspects of local news, including local jobs. On the newspaper’s website, you can also find a large database of local jobs, all of which can be searched through and applied to easily.

For specialized areas, the city also has a collection of smaller, more localized newspapers, or trade papers dealing in particular industries. Many of these also have websites, ideal for searching through before making the commitment to moving to the city.

An alternative option when searching online is to refer to a national or worldwide job site. One example is the Job Bank of the American Job Centre, the official site for job searches. Alternatively, sites such as Indeed.com provide a wide range of easily-searchable jobs which can be split into categories depending on your preference.

Income Taxation in San Diego

The amount of income tax payable when living and working in San Diego is subject to the tax brackets for the state of California as a whole. For single tax brackets, the percentage payable is as follows (2014-15):

  • $0+ 1.00%
  • $7,582+ 2.00%
  • $17,976+ 4.00%
  • $28,371+ 6.00%
  • $39,384+ 8.00%
  • $49,774+ 9.30%
  • $254,250+ 10.30%
  • $305,100+ 11.30%
  • $508,500+ 12.30%
  • $1,000,000+ 13.30%

Expatriates working in San Diego should not forget that they will have to pay federal income tax, too.

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Updated on: October 21, 2021
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