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Are you looking for a dehumidifier? (Hanoi)

Humidity makes the body feel tired and uncomfortable, it’s easier to recognize when you live closer to the ground. The smell of dirty clothes or washed clothes but not dried yet, the smell of humid and mold from duvet, mattress and wall … also increase the uncomfortable feeling. Mold can destroy your furniture, clothes and affect badly to your health (affect respiratory system). Humidity can make water on the floor, make it more slippery and not safe for you.

With a dehumidifier, this problem is gone. However, which dehumidifier to choose?

Are you keen on Used Japanese dehumidifier?

If you want to buy brand new dehumidifier, you should go to any electronic supermarket such as: Nguyen Kim, Pico, Tran Anh, Media Mart and Dien May Xanh.
We recommend used Japanese dehumidifier because of:

+ Durability: though it is used, its durability is still very good.

+ Saving electricity consumption: used Japanese dehumidifier only consume half or one third of electricity in comparison with the others in the market.

+ Less noise: It's less noisy than the others you can find in supermarket. Normally Japanese dehumidifiers are created for household use purpose only, so in term of health and wellness, they are better.
Dehumidifiers from other producers normally are created for multi-purposes, such as drying food/fruit, etc, so it's less healthy for human.
When you purchase an used Japanese dehumidifier, beside itself, you need to purchase a transformer, so it’s another expense. Because of that, when some of our Clients don’t want to spend that expense, we still help them to purchase other dehumidifiers which aren’t Japanese, but we still recommend everyone to use Japanese ones.

These dehumidifiers had been used in Japan for Protected content before selling to Vietnam.

Price of an used Japanese dehumidifier is based on:

+ Functions: some other dehumidifiers can help to dry clothes/set humidity/changing wind direction/set time to turn on/off, so their prices are higher.

+ size and capacity: bigger dehumidifier is good for bigger room.

+ appearance: since it’s used stuff, it can look good or bad, has some damage or not, and that also impact the price.

+ If you already have a 110v-220v transformer or not yet. A transformer costs around 300,000 VND.

Price without transformer varies between 2,500,000 VND to 4,800,000 VND include delivery (if you don’t live at a remote area). Please also note that the higher price it is, the less noise it is.

All dehumidifiers are warrantied in 12 months. We don’t warranty if you use it without a suitable transformer, if it falls down or damage by force.

Want to buy one? => Send a message with your room’s area, desired functions, budget and address (or at least area you live)!

Examples of dehumidifiers and prices (with transformer):

A. Price: 3,300,000 VND. It has dehumidify function, change wind direction and set time (2 hours or 4 hours or all the time)
B. Price: 3,500,000 VND. It has dehumidify function, change wind’s direction and set time. This one is a demo unit in supermarket, it is used to show customers how the dehumidifier works but never been used at home. It’s like new.

We have other options with other functions but higher price. Please just send an inquiry and we will inform you what’s available the time you ask! As you can see in the photo some translations about functions of the dehumidifier. Once you receive the dehumidifier, please let it stay still for 30 minutes before plug it in, and please REMEMBER to ALWAYS plug it via the transformer (gate 110v)!

(We have sold 6 dehumidifiers up to now)

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