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Fabric - Contamination (Hanoi)

Contamination is "the presence of extraneous and undesirable substance in yarn which leads to impure the quality of final textile product". Contamination at yarn stage are mainly categorized in three types: 1. Removal contamination like dust, rust, mud and washable finish stains.
2. Partially removable contamination like loose fly spun, oil stain and grease stain.
3. Irremovable contamination like bleached fiber, fibers having optical brightening agent and dyed fiber contamination which get spun with the yarn.
Types of contaminant
The major contaminant found in cotton bales were pieces of cloth from either woven or knitted clothing in various colors made from either cotton or polyester or blends.
Alien Fibers : Hair, Feather, Colored Cotton fiber, Coir Fibers, Colored Plastic fibers..
White Contaminant : White plastic fiber/ string / film
Colored Objects : Cotton fabric/ Yarn /Jute fabric, yarn/
Oily Substance : Sticks / Leaves/ oily rusty black cotton clumps
Dense Objects : Metal Piece, Paper, Leather bit, stones , wooden piece.

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