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Mold cleaning service in Hanoi

There are mold in your house and you would like to get rid of them? People say that you can do it yourself, but you really don’t know what you are doing, and in some places it’s quite bad and the landowner hasn’t been too helpful. You would be happy to pay someone who can come and clean them properly?

Let us help you on this!

You need to first send us photos of the affected areas and tell us what’re they (bedroom, living room, bathroom). We may need to send someone over to access the situation before telling you a quotation for our service.

After visiting, we will get back to you about to what extend we can clean. (some places we may be able to make it less visually black but not 100%)

Here are few notes:

+ Other mold cleaning service mostly clean by this way: they use knife to remove the mold by force, then paint over that part of wall. However, this method is just temporarily way, since the mold spore is still in the air and already fly to other parts of the wall, and after Protected content , you can see mold reappear right away. And at the part of wall was painted, the mold will break the mold and make the wall peeling.

+ We also can’t only treat the only part of wall which have mold, and skip other parts, since same reason as above, the mold spore will develop at other parts of the wall (or already developing but you don’t see it yet).

+ Mold isn’t only affect about appearance of the house but also health and well-being, specially respiratory system in human body.

+ Our method to clean the mold for you is: we will use the mold cleaning chemical. This chemical isn’t available in Vietnam but we has to buy in bulk in Malaysia. This chemical is pretty safe and you don’t need to cover your things much when they put the chemical on the wall.

+ Our mold cleaning people had used this chemical firstly for his house around 4 years ago, and up to now, the mold didn’t appear again. He started to work in this business to provide mold cleaning service for people around 2 years ago, and up to now, all of the houses didn’t have mold reappear.

Example of work: C requested for our service to clean mold in one bedroom and 2 bathrooms in the house he’s living (not big house). Our quotation was 2,000,000 VND. It took around 2.5 – 3 hours to clean.

A video about the work we had done here: Protected content

This is part of Errand Running Service in Vietnam:
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Send us a message if you want to inquiry for the service!

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