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Requesting advice about salary negotiations and em (Ho Chi Minh City)

Apologies as this is a cross-posting from another site, but I need all the help I can get. :-)

I am negotiating a position in HCMC (Saigon) for a very attractive job. They have made an offer of "$30/hr". I currently am a salaried professional making twice that amount in California, USA. I'm wondering if the fact that they are expressing this as an hourly wage means as much in Vietnam as it does in the US, as opposed to a salary.
Furthermore, my understanding is that I should be asking for expat benefits. Here is what I was going to ask:
• Will the company pay all income taxes on the salary?
• Will the company cover health insurance?
• How much will the company pay for a housing and living allowance? I have heard that $2000/month is a typical allowance for living in HCMC.
• Will the position include transportation to work? I am able to ride a motorcycle through HCMC’s crowded streets. :-) However, it can be difficult to cart my gear around that way, especially in the rain, and it would be nice to at least have a taxi card if needed.
• Will the company include travel to and from USA once per year?
• Will the company include expatriation and repatriation compensation for costs incurred moving to and from VN?
• How many hours per week would I be working and paid for? Do I just report 40 hours like in the USA and basically do my own thing?
• Are the hours flexible or must I work strict times and days?
• Am I being hired month to month, quitting or being fired at will, or would we sign something like a yearly contract?
• How many holidays/vacation/sick days are given/allowed?
• Would any other benefits be included?
• Will the company fly me to Vietnam to interview at the work site before actually hiring me?
I would love to hear from others whether my questions come across as impertinent, whether I'm missing anything, any and all thoughts are welcome from the community. Thank you! :-)

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