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360 Visual Technology (Houston)

This message is from a good friend of mine:

I am sharing with you some info on our new business that is focused on delivering Protected content for various industries. Please feel free to share this email with anyone in your network.
1. 360° Visual Asset Management Protected content This includes deploying 360° equipment to visualize any facility, or property. This is a great tool for visually documenting any site conditions as it quickly records visual details in Protected content . The viewer can walk around and make an assessment without having to be on-site as We can embed all necessary visualization files inside the 360° content including: Excel, word, As-Builts pdf, audio, mp4, and CAD to be added in the near future.
2. 360° Mobile & Corridor Mapping: This will support mapping railroad, highways, roads, pipelines, power lines, or any other ROW
3. 360° Emergency Planning: to support HSE functions in staff orientation, evacuation planning, and impact assessment
You can also view a few sample projects and test-drive the technology here.

Thank you,

Ala’ Hamdan
Founder & Business Development Lead
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