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Greetings..seeking TEFL advice in KL (Kuala Lumpur)


Hi everyone ;-)

If anyone is currently teaching 'TEFL' in Kuala Lumpur or has any idea of the market here can you offer me any advice please?

I'm British and currently in KL and should have a visa with rights to work fairly soon. Whilst I have an BA honours degree it is not in Education, English or TEFL (Broadcast Journalism). I have some voluntary teaching experience (teaching basic English to refugees in England) and an i-i 20 hour TEFL course unfortunately not a CELTA or TESOL.... But I am committed, passionate and creative and would make a fine addition to any language school, not bad at marketing either...but it seems none of this renders me employable in the small TEFL industry in Malaysia?

I knew it would be a tough market compared to the booming TEFL opportunities elsewhere in Asia...but I hadn't fully anticipated this. Further study here ie CELTA or TESOL courses that might open some doors are quite pricey.

I find the market for TEFL here a little confusing whilst certainly English is widely spoken and obviously studied, there is often a distinct lack of confidence in speaking English to a native speaker. I've seen TEFL style teaching do wonders for confidence.

So do I cross the border to Thailand, work in Bangkok for a year, gain some experience?....(not ideal as I have my husband and his family in KL)

Whilst I have some lovely Malaysian friends and contacts, I've yet to encounter much of the ex-pat community. Hope to come across some of you soon.

I am also looking for opportunities in international companies, yet find employers are generally looking for experienced business or sales persons.

Your feedback is really appreciated!

Kind regards

Feel free to email me at Protected content

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