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IT Mgmnt/Computing & Remote Sensing/GIS Specialist (Kuala Lumpur)

Hello There,

I am a Remote Sensing and GIS Specialists with a background in Computing & IT Management.

My love for Earth Exploration led me to challenge myself and add to my Expertise Remote Sensing and GIS. I am Specialized in Oil/Gas, Geology, Mineralogy, Geospatial Technology for early explorations using Remote Sensing and GIS Mapping Technology.

I don't mind assisting part-time or full-time on a project and also as a volunteer to Continuously improving my knowledge. I am a reliable team player, deadline and result oriented and capable of embarking on Sensitive Researches like the one i have just worked on in Malaysia Peninsula on the Gold Belt under Exploratory Research Grant of the Education Ministry of Education.

I am also very good in French and English speaker (Native Style). My german can be rated 2/5......Call / message at Protected content email: Protected content

Thanks and see you

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