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Jobs, cost of living and quality of life (Kuala Lumpur)

Hi all

Hope everything is fine in KL.

I have important questions for the expats and locals from KL and surrounds.

I'm brazilian and live in São Paulo with my fiancée. She is an australian primary teacher, and She was just approved to an international school in Kajang, Selangor.

Financially it seems to be better for her, but now we have to quickly analyse how it would be for me, and then if it is good for both of us as a couple. We intent to move to australia In two years after the wedding and the visa process. And i think it could be interesting to have an experience abroad in an country from South Pacific, which i think have more commercial connection with Australia.

So my questions are...

How is the Selangor area?
Is it far from Kuala Lumpur (incluing traffic time)?
How is the job market for Logistic and IT Sales (my main experiences)?
Is it expensive to have a car in Malaysia? How much? I've searched about it and it seems to be
Which areas are good to live In KL or Selangor? The school pays for a house in jade Hills (around RM 1.000)

I work for Oracle, and there is a possibility i can ask for a transfer. But before ask it, we want to know (have an idea) how it would be in terms of quality of life (distance from work, cost of living)

Ps.: the school would provide a dependent partner visa for me and we will be married before there next July In austrália.

Many thanks In advance

If you can, reply in my email too saying you wrote sth here.
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And if you are someone that could help to find a job, here you can see my linkedin profile. Or search for my name.
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Best regards
Rodolfo and Rebecca, from Brazil

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