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Looking for a new job in KL (Kuala Lumpur)

Dear Friends

I am looking for a new job in KL.!

I have several experiences in business tourism and events industry with an active participation in the organization and planning. Recently I have also worked for timeshare and loyalty program companies in business development and marketing departments.

My wide professional background in France and Malaysia allows me to acquire strong skills in marketing, sales and logistic. I have also a certain knowledge in design to create advertising and promoting objects.

I have a genuine interest to develop and lead new project with the capacity to negotiate with business partners, customers or other third-parties. Besides, my experiences have enabled me to work independently with a professional attitude to achieve targets. To summarize, I will be able to conduct and implement marketing strategy, but also to grow business through commercial and negotiations missions.

Today I have a keen desire to work for logistic and relocation company because I think I have the skill to evolve in this industry. However I am also opened for other job where marketing background is required and will consider each of them with genuine interest.

Possibility to see my resume via Google Docs (PM if you are interested).

Thank you.

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