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Still looking for a job in sarawak(malaysia). (Kuala Lumpur)

Hello everybody:i want to move to malaysia by the end of this or beginning of next year because i want to start a new life with my former work background is not enough to start over there but i am willing to learn a new trade because i am very determed but all i need now is a company who wants to give me the chance to do so...i was a very succesfull athlete and achieved many titles so the winning mentality and the will is very high with me...i think two very important qualities you need to move on in life....i am prepared to do whatever it takes to succeed....I allready had a very positive reply from someone a few days ago but i didn't hear from him so far so i have to keep on applying for jobs....
Is there anyone here who can help me in any way?
I would appreciate it so much!

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