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Communication Awards

Given to a Consul who regularly and effectively communicates with their group members, has an online presence, and promotes reliable and transparent communication together with InterNations HQ.


Winner: Roberto Bayonet Robles São Paulo  

Honorable Mention: Antje Schulke Bochum


Why They Won

Roberto Bayonet Robles has been prized for his creativity, his friendly attitude, and for being inclusive in his community. He took on the Sampa Biking Group a few years ago, and ever since, he has been organizing fun and exciting activities for members all around São Paulo.

He keeps everyone engaged by making InterNations t-shirts for the rides (for which he got in touch with Munich HQ to ask for the logo), posting pictures of all his activities, sending videos of the routes they have taken, and highlighting some of the best moments of the ride. He even gets more creative by posting the videos he made of their epic bike rides on Youtube and encourages members to post their own videos to share tips and plan for the next adventure.

It goes without saying that Roberto is playing an important part both for expats and locals in São Paulo. He promotes healthy and fun activities and cares so much about all of his fellow members and how they are going to remember the activities.

Most importantly, when someone feels like taking a ride, they just say so and invite everyone by posting on the group’s wall. It truly shows how flexible Roberto is as a host and he often checks in on attendees’ feedback by sending private messages and encouraging others to provide their input to help plan the next cycling route.

Each individual activity usually has its own theme which is beneficial for members as well since they have the ability to contribute fresh ideas and ensure the group remains versatile. Roberto’s activities never feature the same area of São Paulo and often times it allows InterNations members to see new places in their city they never would have experienced without the Sampa Biking Group

Congratulations to Roberto Bayonet Robles in São Paulo, as well as our honorable mention, Antje Schulke in Bochum, for impressing all of us with your ability to communicate with members both online and offline. Your welcoming ways have inspired many other members to get involved!


About the winner:

Roberto Bayonet Robles is an especially active Consul in our São Paulo Community. He is originally from the Dominican Republic and moved to São Paulo in 2016. Keeping active and introducing other members to his passion of cycling, he loves to experience the outdoors, and welcome InterNations Members as a dedicated Consul.

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