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ANIMATED pilot SERIES (Montréal)

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Union or not but has to be an Indigenous English voice

MOOSE Animated show ACTRA rates ( around $ Protected content one day ) possibly 13 days when series is ready to record.

The character that we are looking for is an Indigenous English voice actor or actress for the role of Tyler – who will be a recurring lead in our series. So Indigenous voice actress who can do a young boy's voice, or young native boy Protected content old, or a young native girl who has a raspy voice to do a boy for this ANIMATED pilot SERIES.

The script is attached below... send a voice sample MP3 by email to Protected content
It could be a recording made from a smartphone. You can also drop by the office to record your audition Monday to Friday from 9h30-5h30pm if you prefer

Thank you

Nous recherchons une actrice Amérindienne qui peut faire des voix de petit garçons OU un garçon Amérindien de Protected content qui pourrait venir auditionner chez nous ou envoyer un échantillon de sa voix en MP3 ( cela peut être un enregistrement d'un téléphone intelligent) à Protected content

script si joint

Tarif Actra donc environ $ Protected content buyout et Protected content d'enregistrement si le pilote est acheté

Script :

Luke swings open the door to find TYLER half-hidden behind a huge BOUQUET OF WILD FLOWERS.
Flower delivery!!
(Makes an `ew` face)
For me?
No, FOR YOUR MOM! You told me she was sick.
Oh yah, thanks. She’ll like that. Wanna come in?
No thanks. Germs, blech. I’ll catch ya latter!
Tyler races off. Luke bolts back to Mom with flowers.

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