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Master in Managemet student seeking job (Montréal)

Hello everyone,

I have just arrived in Montréal where I will be staying until the end of the year. I am a first year Master in Management student at ESCP Europe, a French business school, and am currently looking for an internship in the Montréal area. I have since the beginning of the year sent out more than 50 applications, but with the lack of recognition of my school here in Canada, I have had little to no luck, despite having sought professional help in terms of CV and applications. My girlfriend is currently conducting her PhD at the University of Montréal, so I am dead set on staying, but now find myself in a desperate situation. By warm recommendations it is thus my hope to connect with someone here on InterNations that might know someone that knows someone.

I am diligent student and worker, I do not shy away from hard work and I am not too good for any job, although I would prefer an internship or summer job with some degree of relevance for my studies as I am obliged to conduct a minimum of 10 months of work experience during my degree in order to validate my masters.

My interests are primarily within strategy, product/project management, business development and everything that has to do with tech, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. Whilst a salary would be greatly appreciated, my primary goal is to learn and develop new skills, so unpaid internships would be an option, granted I would expect them to involve a greater learning curve and a higher degree of responsibility.
Should you be interested in me, or know someone that might, please don’t hesitate to contact me for my CV or further information.

High hopes and kind regards,

Sebastian Grum-Schwensen

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