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  • William Shirming

    Thanks to the City Guide, I found the right place to go for a business lunch in Panama City.

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Want to connect with the expat community of Venezuelans in Panama? Looking for Venezuelan compatriots to help you with your questions on expat life? Or are you looking for other Venezuelan expats to go on an excursion to the Río Chagres and Gatun Lake with?

InterNations Panama offers everything you might need as an expat, no matter whether you already live in Panama or are still in Venezuela planning your upcoming foreign assignment. InterNations is the leading platform among expatriates and global minds in all countries around the world. Needless to say, our community of Venezuelan expats in Panama is going very strong, with members having roots all across Venezuela - from Coro, over Maracaibo to Caracas.

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    From Venezuela, living in Panama City
  • Community Member
    From Venezuela, living in Panama City
  • Community Member
    From Venezuela, living in Panama City
  • Community Member
    From Venezuela, living in Panama City
  • Community Member
    From Venezuela, living in Panama City

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  • Fundraising for documentary
    3 replies
    May 9, 4:16 PM
    Community member

    Thank you Alex! We'll get in touch with the IFF. Last week was insane, getting funded at the very last minute was incredible! We'll keep you updated! Olga

  • Is there any place like Barnes & Noble in PTY
    3 replies
    Feb 27, 10:29 PM
    Community member

    Actually I just remembered! There is one in Multiplaza, it has a small coffee shop etc. I can't say it is as nice as e.g. Blackwell in Oxford but you should check it out. I think it is called El …

  • World Cup Final Match / German place???
    7 replies
    Jul 10, 5:57 PM
    Community member

    I paid a visit late afternoon to Rincon Aleman. It is really a cool place. Every corner is already booked though. I went afterwards to Steinbock. One of the employees told me that there is an area …

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Obviously, expat life in Panama goes well beyond shipping your belongings and taking care of red tape. Socializing with fellow Venezuelans is an important facet of living abroad and can be a huge stepping stone in getting to know the Panamanian mentality and way of life. Venezuelans in Panama are a part of our community, calling cities such as Colón, Balboa, Panama City, and many others home. You can use InterNations to look for fellow Venezuelans in Panama City, for example.

Wondering where to shop for Venezuelan delicatessen, want to discuss your national team's latest match, or simply talk to someone in your native language? Become a member of the Panamanian InterNations Community!

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From the Río Chagres and Gatun Lake to the Distrito Central, you can meet supportive and friendly Venezuelan expats in Panama on InterNations.

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Additionally, InterNations hosts regular expat events and activities in Panama. Our get-togethers are sure to cater to your taste as well: as a member, you can partake in cozy gatherings to enjoy some Panamanian sancocho, join one of our huge expat celebrations with hundreds of participants in Panama City’s best locations, and much more. Want to discover Panama? Go on a weekend trip with your fellow expats to see the Valley of the Flowers in Chiriquí and other beautiful landmarks.

Our meet-ups and activities offer many wonderful opportunities to mingle with expatriates hailing from Venezuela and dozens of other countries in a casual setting. Just sign up for your InterNations membership and you’ll soon hear a cordial ¡Hola! from our Venezuelans living in Panama!