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Tea Ceremony & Trekking Temple Stay (Seoul)

A temple stay is a cultural experience program designed to enhance understanding of Korean Buddhism. As such, it is open to everyone regardless of religious belief. A typical temple stay program entails an overnight stay at a temple,and participation in some rituals. Other activities may include dado (tea ceremony) with monks, Zen meditation, Balwoo Gongyang (temple-style breakfast, lotus lantern and prayer bead crafts,etc.
A temple stay is one of popular cultural events among the foreign communities in South Korea, as it allows interested participants a chance to better understand Korean Buddhist culture. The meditation session perhaps gives an opportunity to reflect on your life and also offers tranquility and a much-needed break from your busy daily routine life and some stresses of fast-paced modern lifestyle.
We will spend some time at Chesoekgang. Chaeseokgang refers to a rocky cliff and the sea around it, situated in the Gyeokpohang and Dakibong areas on the Byeonsan Peninsula. It is easy to misunderstand the name for a river, but it is a very large rocky cliff. The origin of the name comes from China, from the story of Lee Tae-Baek, while drinking wine on a ship, he saw the moon reflected in the river and jumped into the water to grab it. The name Chaeseokgang was adapted as it resembles the Chinese equivalent of this location.
Chaeseokgang was created from many layers of rocks stratified by the sea, and the blue sea and the rock cliffs together create quite a lovely picture. It is nature’s masterpiece of stratification, and you can see interesting structures and shapes here that are not seen elsewhere. You can observe various sea life existing in the lower areas of the rock cliffs and the cave.

After Chaseokgang, we will head to the Naesosa temple and attend the introduction of our temple stay with some guidelines on temple etiquette and a run down of what to expect at Naesosa.
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