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Employment in Toulouse

Local Economy

The economy of Toulouse is driven by the city’s collection of aerospace and aviation companies, most of which can be found in an area known as Aerospace Valley. Located on the outskirts of Toulouse, Aerospace Valley is home to a host of aerospace companies and research facilities, including Airbus, Air France Industries, and Dassault Aviation. It is estimated that the area provides more than 120,000 jobs in the aviation and aerospace industries, and this is extremely important to the city’s economic position.

The importance of Aerospace Valley is underlined even more given the fact that it plans to create 40,000 new jobs over the coming 20 years. Since opening its doors in 2005, it has received government funding of approximately 204 million euro. In addition to this, many of the Airbus models are manufactured in Toulouse, such as the A320, A330, A340, and A380.

It should also be noted that the city’s universities and engineering schools play a significant role in the local economy, with many jobs generated through these academic institutions; students from these schools will often work locally for the aforementioned companies.

Job Hunting in Toulouse

With its huge aerospace industry, workers coming from abroad will be particularly valued should their experience fall within this field. The city’s many schools and universities are also a great source of work in Toulouse. As most foreigners wishing to live and work in Toulouse should have arranged jobs before arriving, the internet is the best source when it comes to job hunting.

Jobs can be found on such sites as Go Abroad, while jobs specifically within the Aerospace industry can be perused at ARTS. Those already proficient in French may have more of an advantage, and websites such as SudouestJob and Ministry of Work’s homepage are extremely useful when it comes to lining up employment before heading to Toulouse. Those looking to teach English as a foreign language will also have many opportunities in Toulouse.

Work Permits for Toulouse

As with all cities in France, non-residents will, more often than not, need to have a job before attempting to obtain a work permit, with a great deal depending on the nationality of the person wanting to work in Toulouse. Members of the EU or Swiss nationals need not apply for a work permit, while Croatians must have a permit for their first year of work. Much is dependent on the nature of employment, too.

Generally, people from outside the EU must seek a work permit. The authorization process is usually dealt with by employers on behalf of the person wanting to work in the city. Additional information can be found in our article on Moving to France.

Apr 18, 2024, 7:30 PM
91 attendees
We are delighted to invite you to our newest venue, Le Jardin! Located in downtown, just a few meters away from Jean D'arc metro station, let's enjoy the evening in this lovely place, famous for its
Spring Festival / FÊTE DES COULEURS - HOLI 2024** ‼️ Don't forget to register - Limited places 😉 🎉 Join us for a dazzling color party of 2024! 🌟 Get ready to immerse in color and joy of spring
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Spring is in the air and it’s time for some tea and cake. We can go see the cherry blossoms at Le Jardin Japonais before tea.
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This is the first meeting of the newly formed Resilience Café group. It will be an opportunity for people to get to know each other and to find out what direction this group might take. I have chosen

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