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young professor sleepless in Mainz (Wiesbaden-Mainz)

I am looking for somewhere to stay when I am in Mainz two nights per week during the summer semester. Does anyone have a guest room they want to rent out or need a half-flat-mate?

So far I have been sleeping in the sports dormitory on campus and it is a bit tedious. It would be so much nicer for me if my lack of shelter became the ocassion to meet new and interesting people.

As for myself: I am a very, very experienced traveller, having spent whole summers sleeping on people's sofas and floors and guest beds from one coast of America to the next. I have slept in houses made of grass and houses made of cement and among people who don't speak any language I know. I moved more than 40 times before I turned 20 and am most at home in places I have no business being.

I am good-natured, practiced in disappearing from any flat or room without a trace, and have never once been accused of being boring.

We can trade stories for sofa space, or money, or English lessons, or German lessons, or whisky.

Please let me know if you have space in your home for a wandering intellectual.

Best wishes,


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