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Employment in Atlanta

Local Economy

Ranking as one of the most economically important areas in the world and achieving ‘World city’ status because of it, Atlanta is home to a diverse range of businesses enjoying success in a number of different industries, including information technology, professional services and media. The city is also home to the headquarters of some of the world’s largest companies, including Delta Airlines, AT&T, Home Depot, the Coca-Cola Company and UPS, all of whom base their global operations in Atlanta. Cox Enterprises, which publishes a number of the biggest newspapers in the US as well as being the third largest provider of cable television in the country, has its headquarters in Atlanta.

A further sign of the economic appeal of the area is that more than three quarters of the world’s Fortune 1000 companies do business in the Atlanta metropolitan area. This means that qualified expats should be able to take advantage of the opportunities available to them within the most successful sectors, as well as the industries that support the buoyant employment climate.

Because of the generous tax incentives extended towards businesses that produce in-state films and television programs, Atlanta has become one of the most important centers for media production in the US. Some of the best known production facilities are based in the city, including Pinewood Studios, Tyler Perry Studios and Williams Street Productions, meaning that Atlanta contributes a significant amount to Georgia’s economy through its film and television sectors.

As one of the most popular locations for filming zombie and horror movies, fans of Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf or The Walking Dead might recognize some of the places that have played a part in Atlanta being named ‘Zombie Capital of the World’.

Information technology is one industry in which Atlanta’s workforce prospers, with the fields of software development, publishing and data processing all growing at a significant rate. Its success is such that the area has been nicknamed the ‘Silicon Peach’ in response to the fact that it has become one of the fastest growing homes to IT jobs in the whole of the US.

Although the automotive industry in Atlanta has suffered a few setbacks in recent years, including the closure of both a Ford Motor Company and a General Motors assembly plant, Kia have moved into the area with a new assembly plant near West Point.

The reasonable costs of doing business in the area and the fact that the residents of Atlanta provide a skilled workforce means there are many large companies based in the area, with the main employers being Delta Air Lines, AT&T and Emory University. However, many different industries are represented in the area, so the employment opportunities are varied across all fields and skill levels.

The largest sectors for employment include trade, transportation, utilities, professional and business services. The city’s financial sector is also of a significant size and includes the home of SunTrust Banks, the credit card division of Wachovia bank and one of the Federal Reserve System’s district headquarters.

Job Hunting in Atlanta

While you may be transferring to a job from your previous work at home, or may already have something new lined up, you may also decide to move to Atlanta first and look for employment once you get there. If you’re looking for work in Atlanta, there are many different ways to discover opportunities.

The classic method of looking for a job is to check the advertisements in local newspapers. The biggest daily paper in Atlanta is currently The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, making it your best bet when searching for work in this way. The Atlanta Business Chronicle is a major weekly newspaper, so is also worth a look. There are many smaller, more niche newspapers available in the city, some specifically tailored to certain areas, so if you’re looking for a very specific line of work or something close to where you live, these might be the better option. Examples are Fulton County Daily Report and The Atlanta Jewish Times.

Not all opportunities will be listed in newspapers, however, and your best bet is to check online. Aside from national job sites that advertise jobs all over America, for example American Job Centre, it’s worth taking a look at more local job sites. Metro Atlanta Jobs showcases a huge number of jobs available in the city, for all major industries. It’s also worth taking a look at the Georgia Department of Labor, for help and advice on employment in the state.

Income Taxation in Atlanta

As a resident of the United States, you will be subject to tax in the same way as a citizen. In addition to your federal income tax burden, the state income tax brackets for Georgia are as follows:

  • $0+ – 1%
  • $750+ – 2%
  • $2,250+ – 3%
  • $3,750+ – 4%
  • $5,250+ – 5%
  • $7,000+ – 6%

However, if you are a couple, you are allowed to file your taxes jointly in order to pay a lower overall rate on your combined income.

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  • Alain Nguyen

    The InterNations community provides you with tips that you cannot find elsewhere on the internet. Happy to be part of this network!

  • Paula Covington

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