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Job hunting in EFL teaching/academic positions in (Copenhagen)


I have a PhD in Applied Linguistics with 3 year tertiary level teaching experience in the UK. Do you think there is good scope of jobs in EFL teaching or lecturing positions at universities, or teaching in international schools? I have a feeling that it is hard to secure a job while living out of Denmark, as it is true to any country, unless there is a shortage of a particular skill. Do you think it will be realistic to move to Denmark and then look for a job, lets say in 6 months? How much Danish is essential even if the job doesn't require Danish language. Would basic danish language skills suffice to ''impress'' the Danish employers? How much time I should set to find a suitable job? Also is volunteer work available to understand the system and demonstrate your utility to the prospective employers?

I would be grateful for your insight into these areas in the light of your experience. Thanks

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