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Looking for IT work in Systems or Desktop Support (Copenhagen)

I am a 23year old IT professional who has been in Denmark for almost a month now. I got my training while paying for college (and getting a Biology degree) as Desktop Support. After graduating I was asked to come back and fill in for the Windows Administrator who had unexpectedly left the college. I worked there for a year before coming here, and would like to continue down that road.

My experience mainly lies within Windows Administration, Desktop support and repair, and in departmental (user) support. I'm comfortable with MS AD and Server Protected content r2), and have budding knowledge of Red Hat/CentOS. I'm experienced with Windows XP and 7, as well as OS X up to Lion. Physical hardware is no sweat to me. Finally, I also supported over 75 main users in the scientific fields. As my college education was in the sciences, I did an exemplary job as I was able to speak with them on a more advanced level regarding their needs for their projects.

Any help that can be given will be greatly appreciated. I would be looking for permanent work here in the Copenhagen area, though I'm also open to other parts of Denmark. Thanks again.

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