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Top Five Reasons for Visiting Strasbourg

Strasbourg, the capital of Europe, the capital of Alsace and the capital of the Département Bas-Rhin, is also the sixth most inhabited city in France and one of the towns most visited by foreign tourists. InterNations member Aga tells us why the city is such a great destination.

Strasbourg is a place that delivers an unmissable, special and unique experience. The culture and architecture look and feel completely different to what is typically French, even though they are legally and truly French.

 So what makes Strasbourg special and worth visiting? Well, let me try to stick to the main five reasons:

  1. Strasbourg has the oldest, the most traditional and the most well-known Christmas market. The “Christkindelsmärik” located in Place Broglie was founded in 1570 and since then its popularity has been growing, creating a rich and interesting heritage of French Christmas. Nowadays, it is known all over the world. But this is not all! On top of the famous ‘Christkindelsmärik’ you will discover many more. There is Alsace’s legendary small growers and producers market in Place des Meunier, the Alsatian Christmas delicacies market in the Place d'Austerlitz, and the Children's World which is located in the Place Saint Thomas.
  2. Strasbourg will give you a chance to explore a bit of German culture. Yes, this part of France has a lot of German influences as it has been a part of Germany before. You will find these influences in the unique and beautiful architecture of the half-timber houses, ornate wells and fountains, oriel windows, storks’ nests, and carved wooden balustrades. They are also reflected in the local food which comes in good, fulfilling quantities. The main specialties of Alsacian region include juicy ham hock with steaming choucroute, pike-perch poached in Riesling, as well as spicy gingerbread. Traditional specialities also include baeckeoffeflammekueche, and fleischnacka. So get ready for a real feast!
  3. The town is really pretty. You have so many things to admire in Strasbourg, such as the gothic cathedral Notre-Dame de Strasbourg which offers you a great view of the town. Strolling through the lovely narrow streets, you will have a chance to admire 16th- and 17th-century buildings, discover the flowing canals and reach the lovely La Petite France. Make sure to explore the center on foot!
  4. Strasbourg is important for France and also for Europe. It is called the Capital of Europe because there are many European institutions and the European parliament but it is also important for France. Did you know that the Marseillaise, the French national anthem, was invented here? So here you are – it has a real patriotic value for the French.But this is not all. It is also the pride of Alsace and represents typical Alsatian atmosphere. So by visiting Strasbourg you will get to know Alsace well and experience how it is so different from the rest of France yet so important for it. You will admire the landscape, the architecture and, of course, taste the local cuisine. This is another great way to experience Strasbourg and Alsace. 
  5. Strasbourg is not only the very historical town but also a dynamic and lively city. It offers many museums, operas, events, festivals to attend. Strasbourg has become a real Capital of Culture and yet it has preserved its rich and colourful past and historical heritager. The main and the best historical monuments and places to visit are located in the center which is surrounded by the Ill River. There you will find the Cathedral, the House Kammerzell, Petite France and the Covered Bridges. Look for the famous Grande Ile as this one has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site and cannot be omitted. if you want to  get to know the history of the region well And pop over to the Musée Alsacien

I hope I could get you interested in visiting Strasbourg! It is truly an unmissable highlight of Alsace and France and should be on your list of places to visit.


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