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Expats seeking opportunities. (Lagos)

The current global downturn has led to the untimely disengagement of staff (including expats) due to downsizing or rightsizing. If you are an expat who has been affected by a shake up in your organization. If you are an expat and your job is on the line. If you would consider a renegotiated package albeit below what you presently earn. Send me a private message with the following details.
1.Names in full
2.Country of Origin
3.Current net salary
4.Lowest expected net salary
5.Other benefits
6.Area of expertise
7.Years of experience
8. Marital Status
9. Notice/Availability period for other opportunity.
Please note that these are confidential information and should only be VOLUNTARILY sent to my inbox here on InterNations. All personal information sent will be held with the highest level of confidentiality and you are sending your details voluntarily. I am currently speaking with clients who require expat candidates for their organization at a renegotiated remuneration/package. If you are willing to explore such opportunities, please leave your details in the requested format. I would like to view your information at a glance.

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