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Drupal or Wordpress Tutor in Barcelona Wanted!

Wanted! A progressive programmer with proficiency in Drupal or Wordpress to teach us how to work on and update our websites here in Barcelona.

We can pay up to 20 Euros per hour for a two-hour teaching shift per week.

Must have good English and teaching skills as our spanish is not very good!

At present we are working on the following websites: (Please note that the first website is pro-choice with regards to abortion)


2nd Option: For those who are interested and like to travel, we offer tech volunteers free lodging at our Hedonisia Hawaii, our eco-hostel and socially sustainable community in the rain forest.

You get to live in paradise plus enjoy the opportunity to work on socially progressive websites while living in Hawaii!

Under the Hedonisia Hawaii Fair-Trade Volunteer Program we usually require that volunteers pay a partial lodging fee for only 15 hours of work a week.

For Tech Volunteers we have another option that allows you to stay for free!

Our "free" option requirement is 20 hours of "work" per week. However, because this is computer work, based on past experience we know that computer volunteers tend to multitask by doing their email and facebook whilst working!

So we try to see how a person is working and base our expectations on results. In other words the guideline is 20 hours a week but we look for results so if a lot is done in less time then that is great. If less is done in more time then that is also fine because we can't nor do we want to look over a person's shoulder to make sure that they are working!

Please visit our hostel at Protected content to see some of the lodgings as well as to learn about our eco-activities in Hawaii.

Because you are working in a Rainforest Community we require all volunteers, including Computer Programmers to have one shift (3 hours) of cleaning or weeding a week.

It is your way of staying in touch with the land and contributing to the community!

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