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Position available in Barcelona

International Market Researcher

Job type: Part-time
Industry: Research & Development

To collect in-store product data which will allow the client gain knowledge of any issues with their product or competitor products.

The successful candidate will become familiar with a global set of product standards which will allow them rate each product for different criteria. The data needs to be collected efficiently whilst always maintaining complete accuracy.
There are approximately 60 products which need to be rated in each store. For each product we will rate 6 different samples. The data is recorded on a hand-held device which is provided. Each evening this data is fed back to Eolas (our company) for verification.
Any sample with an issue is purchased and a photographic recording is taken of the issue.
Once you have some experience, each store will take approx Protected content to complete.
We complete 15 stores in each location each quarter of the year, so in total, it will take approx 80 – 85 hours per quarter to complete.

We require a trustworthy and hardworking person, who is willing to be trained to perform product ratings to a standard that has gained Eolas International an excellent reputation in this field. The candidate would need to be settled long-term in the location and give a certain commitment to remain with Eolas for some time.

12 days per quarter during a 30 day window. This is a set window and will not be negotiable. For the first iteration, while you gain experience, it will take longer – approx 15 days.

Extensive training will be provided prior to initiation. This will be primarily done on-line. It will be done at scheduled times with multiple participants and you must make yourself available at the allocated times. Total duration approx 7 days. You will receive a reduced fee for the training period. You will be accompanied in your first stores by one of our representatives and you will be fully trained before being left on your own.


Good - written and spoken English
Good communication skills, both by email and phone
Attention to detail
Car Transport
Broadband and PC/Laptop. (Field researcher responsible for this)
IT competent

Contact: Protected content

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