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Moving to Nottingham

What to know if you're moving to Nottingham

Nottingham boasts a lively and amusing atmosphere: from its connection to Robin Hood and historical heritage to the many shopping and leisure activities, Nottingham welcomes expats from every country and impresses them with its charm. Read up on the city, visa requirements and more in this guide.

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Relocating to Nottingham

About Nottingham

As the most populated metropolis in the county, Nottingham is of vital importance to its wider borough and the rest of Nottinghamshire. Approximately 303,000 are living in Nottingham city itself but that number rises to around 729,000 when its entire urban region is taken into consideration.

Housing is mixed, with some small rural areas boasting properties of significant historical interest, and districts being made up of newer dwellings. The Clifton area, which is home to around 22,000 people, is mainly made up of properties owned by the local authority.

Expatriates living in Nottingham will find it is an increasingly multicultural place with people of an estimated 93 nationalities calling the city home. White British make up the largest group (64%). The biggest ethnic group are Asians (mainly of Pakistani and Bangladeshi heritage), who make up around 13.1% of the population. Other racial and cultural groups include West Indian (8.2%), white European (6.1%), African (4.3%), Middle Eastern (1.6%) and South American (1.1%).

Climate in Nottingham

As Nottingham has its own weather station, the city enjoys some of the most accurate forecasts in the UK. Like much of the English Midlands, Nottingham has a variable climate with cool to warm summers and moderately cold winters.

The warmest month is typically July where average highs are 21.2°C and lows are around 10.8°C. The coldest month is generally January where temperatures tend to range between 0.6°C and 6.4°C.

On average, Nottingham has 166 rainy days each year, while around 18 see some snowfall.

Visas for the United Kingdom

Expats from most countries outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) are required to hold a valid passport to enter the country and will need to obtain a visa or work permit if they intend on staying for an extended period.

Applications must be made prior to arriving in the UK, although specialist allowances are given to those from Commonwealth countries and the US.

Most expats relocating due to their job fall under regulations known as Intra-Company Transfer (Tier 2). In these cases, the employer will typically complete all work permit applications on the person’s behalf.

Those considered to be of exceptional benefit to the United Kingdom apply under the similar Tier 1 system.

After living in the UK for a number of years, a person is permitted to make an application for permanent citizenship. More information can be acquired from your nearest British Consulate or Embassy. A full list of such premises can be found here.

Further information on entrance requirements, including items you are permitted to take through customs, can also be found on the UK Visas and Immigration site.

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Updated on: October 14, 2021

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