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Working in Nottingham

Find out how to get a job and work in Nottingham

The job market in Nottingham is versatile and attracts professionals from various fields: multinational and local companies hire many expats, who can easily browse the internet for job opportunities. If you are planning on working in Nottingham, check out this guide first for valuable hints and tips!

Employment in Nottingham

Local Economy

Nottingham was once an industrial city, but today it is home to a wide range of business sectors, with service providers and those operating in new digital media seeing significant growth in recent years.

A number of large companies have their headquarters in the city, including the high street pharmaceuticals giant Boots, founded in Nottingham back in 1849. Financial services company Capital One has its UK headquarters in the city, while the credit referencing agency Experian has long been one of Nottingham’s biggest employers.

Retail is vitally important to the area’s economy and the market information company CACI ranks Nottingham as the seventh largest city for high street trade in the UK.

Job Hunting in Nottingham

Expatriates looking for work in this part of England have a large number of resources at their disposal. The way in which people seek job opportunities in the UK has changed dramatically in the past decade with online job hunting becoming key.

Major job websites include,,, and Local authority listings can be found on the website of the Nottingham City Council, while is a council-run site that lists openings across many business areas.

The Nottingham Post is the city’s main newspaper and has weekly listings. It also has its own dedicated site.

Income Taxation in Nottingham

Expats working in Nottingham are expected to pay the same rate of income tax as employees across the rest of the UK.

All people who earn less than 100,000 GBP and were born after April 5th 1948 receive an annual personal allowance, meaning they are not required to pay tax on a set proportion of their earnings. For 2015/16 this figure stands at 10,600 GBP.

People earning more than 100,101 GBP each year see their allowance lowered by 1 GBP for each 2 GBP they have earned over that figure. Only those whose income exceeds 120,000 GBP are ineligible for an allowance.

A flat rate of 20% is charged to those earning up to 31,785 GBP. 40% taxation is applicable between 31,786 GBP and 150,000 GBP and those earning in excess of 150,001 GBP pay 45%.

Most employed workers are on what is known as the PAYE system and their tax is deducted at source by their employers. Self-employed people are required to file an annual tax return.

Tax returns can be made either on paper or online. Those with a bill of more than 1,000 GBP are required to pay a further 50% of their bill in advance on account each year. The UK tax year runs from 6 April to 5 April the following year.

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Updated on: December 02, 2021
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