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  • Marleen Jansen

    "Bratislava wasn't an easy move for us. Then I joined InterNations and found a job for myself, a car for my partner and a nanny for the kids."

What It’s Like to Be a Dutch Expat

Nearly to 1.2 million Dutch citizens have taken up the challenge and relocated outside their home country. The average Dutch expat is between 25 and 60 years old, looking, above all else, to follow their partners to their home countries. From switching out your stroopwafel for a fluffy stack of American pancakes to getting to know a new city, there are a lot of big changes that come with life as a Dutch expat. But what does moving abroad really feel like?

One thing is certain, and that is that there really is no one way to feel. A change as big as this brings nervousness and excitement, often in equal measure. You may find yourself looking forward to making new friends, while also wondering whether these friends will join you in orange on Koningsdag. As you embrace your new life and surroundings, spending time with people who remind you of home can be a great way to stay positive.

How to Meet Other Dutch Expats

Meeting other people who are making the same adjustments to their lives and routines as you are can be helpful as you begin your adventure in a new country. That’s why getting to know fellow Dutch expats is so important when you move abroad. Established in 2007, InterNations is the largest expat network with over 4 million members. It’s a trusted community offering a range of experiences that bring global minds together, and Dutch people are one of the largest nationalities!

Attending InterNations events is a great way to connect with other Dutch people abroad. Whatever interests or hobbies you may have brought with you from home, there will almost certainly be an opportunity for you to develop them further as part of the InterNations community — and make new friends as you do so! We have a huge range of online and in person events on offer, perfect for learning more about the culture and history of your new city, or for getting tips on expat life there.

A Few Facts about Dutch Expats

InterNations conducts an annual survey of expats worldwide called Expat Insider, looking at questions like why they moved abroad, how long they plan to stay, and how happy they are.

Here’s what Dutch expats shared about their experiences:

  • The most common reason for Dutch people to move abroad was for love, following their partners to their home country.

  • 71% of Dutch people feel at home in the local culture of their destination, compared to the global average of 61%.

  • 66% of Dutch people are happy with their social lives in their destination, compared to the global average of 59%.

  • 39% of Dutch people say that they would stay in their destination country possibly forever, compared to the global average of 33%.

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The Top Countries for Dutch Expats

So, where can you find other Dutch people living abroad? InterNations has 420 communities in 166 countries. These countries are the most popular destinations for French expats:

Dutch Expat Communities in Africa

Steeped in culture, history, and variety, it is easy to see why people looking for a new life abroad are drawn to Africa. From the Giza Necropolis to Cape Town, the continent is bursting with incredible things to see and do — a great place for anyone to come to know as home.

Dutch Expat Communities in Europe

With around half a million Dutch people living in other European countries, it is clear that the continent has a particular appeal. Belgium is most popular for Dutch expats overall, while younger people are more likely to move to the United Kingdom. Europe’s incredible cities and beautiful landscapes are certainly reason enough to stay closer to home.

Western Europe

Eastern Europe

Dutch Expat Communities in North America

North America is a continent of great variety, with all different climates, friendly populations, and plenty of employment opportunities, particularly within its larger cities. Whether you choose to settle down in the colder climes of Canada or embrace the exciting lifestyle of the United States, this continent could easily become the perfect place for you to call home.

Dutch Expat Communities in Asia

With a fast-growing economy and a great amount of cultural diversity, Asia is a popular choice among Dutch expats. Some elements of life in these countries (particularly the language and culture) may seem quite different to what Dutch people are used to. Great opportunities for work and leisure, however, undoubtedly make the adjustment a whole lot easier.

Dutch Expat Communities in South- & Middle America

Local cultures in South America are vibrant and varied, the weather is good, and the people are friendly. This continent has something for everyone looking to begin a new life abroad.

Dutch Expat Communities in Oceania

For those Dutch citizens looking to switch out cycling for surfing, Oceania is a continent bursting with attractive places to begin a new life. The accent and language may take some getting used to, but the high quality of life, friendliness of the local population, and excitingly different culture will definitely make the move worth your while!

  • Marleen Jansen

    "Bratislava wasn't an easy move for us. Then I joined InterNations and found a job for myself, a car for my partner and a nanny for the kids."

  • Michelle Dykman

    "Now I finally know where I find the right supermarkets in Luanda to get some food from home once in a while."

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