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Moving to Phoenix

What to know if you're moving to Phoenix

A city with over three hundred days of sunshine in a single year is hard to find in the United States. Yet the “Valley of the Sun” offers them, and much more. This article of the InterNations GO! Guide takes you through all the essential details about Phoenix, its climate and real estate market.

Relocating to Phoenix

About Phoenix

Home to just under 1.5 million people and the capital city of Arizona, Phoenix is the most populous state capital in the USA.

Each year there are more than 50,000 people in America alone who move to Phoenix, Arizona. It’s no wonder, as the metropolis in the desert has so much to offer. With a hot, sunny climate, lots of great outdoor attractions, stunning natural beauty combined with a high quality of life and economic opportunities that look very promising, it’s easy to see why so many expats are looking to move here, too.

Phoenix is located in the Sonaran Desert in the South West of Arizona. It’s situated about halfway between Tucson in the South, and Flagstaff up North. The city of Phoenix is a great mix of urban sophistication and natural beauty. It has spas and resorts that make jaws drop and that soothe the soul. Stadiums and arenas that could proudly and easily host some of the world’s biggest sports events are matched by restaurants with world class cuisine and views that inspire. There are golf courses that players keep returning to throughout the year, and then there’s the shopping; Phoenix has shopping centers that are as stylish and individual as the fashions they sell.

The Climate in Phoenix

Calling Phoenix hot is probably an understatement; boiling hot is a more accurate description of the climate in the city. On average, in Arizona they get 4041 hours of sunshine each year, with May and June getting around 13 hours of sun per day and just over 8.5 per day in Dec and Jan. In June, July, and Aug temperatures soar way over 100°F (38°C), hence the nickname ‘Valley of the Sun’. So if sunshine on a daily basis isn’t what you want, you should maybe consider relocating somewhere else.

Accommodation in Phoenix

In Phoenix, the neighborhoods are called urban villages. Each of the villages has a planning committee appointed by the city council whose job it is to ensure a good balance of housing and employment in the village, whilst promoting the village’s unique identity and character.

Some of the most popular neighborhoods in Phoenix include:

Paradise Valley

The average house price here is 256,000 USD and rent is on average about 1,280 USD per month. There are 126 schools in Paradise Valley, of which 86 are private schools.

Camelback East

The average house price here is 258,000 USD and rent is around 905 USD per month. There are 237 schools in Camelback East, of which 143 are private schools.

South Mountain

The average house price here is 116,000 USD and rent is about 890 USD per month. There are only 8 schools in Camelback East, 3 of which are public and the other 5 private.

Deer Valley

The average house price here is 175,000 USD and rent is 1,175 USD per month. There is a good choice of public schools in Deer Valley, all achieving high pass rates.

Types of Accommodation

If you are an expat looking to rent or buy a property in Phoenix, Arizona, the various definitions of the types of homes available can be confusing. Even more confusing is that it is quite common to see identical homes for sale that have different descriptions. One may be marketed as a townhouse and the other as a patio house, when in fact they are exactly the same. Also, definitions of homes in Phoenix can be completely different to homes in other areas of the country.

Here are some of the types of homes you may find:

  • Condominiums or condos-apartments, or flats as they call them in the UK;
  • Single family residences – These are usually detached homes with a front and back garden or yard and an attached garage or carport;
  • Townhomes and townhouses – This term applies to properties that share a building with other units. In the UK they would call this type of house a ‘terraced house’;
  • Manufactured or modular homes – These types of home will have been constructed in a factory and installed on the site of the home. These homes are typically less expensive than the single family residences;
  • Patio homes – These share at least one side wall with another patio home, and although they have no back yard they do have a back patio. This type of house will usually have a few homes in each building rather than the attached row of homes like the townhouses;
  • Gemini or twin homes – This is a building that has 2 units within it. In the UK it is called a semi-detached;
  • Lofts – This type of apartment originated when old warehouses were being converted into condos. A typical loft would have high ceilings, exposed brickwork, and floor to ceiling windows. This type of property is more appealing to young professionals rather than families;

Those who are looking to relocate to Phoenix Arizona from another country can start their search on numerous websites, such as ArizonaHomesRealtyLLC or

Expats who are looking to rent can find a good selection online as well, on websites such as and

Finding a home is one thing, but how much is the cost of living in Phoenix? It varies, and some things are cheaper and some things more expensive. For example:

  • Housing – This is around 6% cheaper than the average cost in America;
  • Utilities – There are big savings to be had here, as they are around 8% cheaper than in the rest of the country;
  • Transportation – 6% more expensive than the average cost of public transport in the USA;
  • Groceries – About 2% more expensive in Phoenix than the national average
Updated on: December 23, 2021

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