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Relocating to Newcastle

About Newcastle

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne is the predominant city in the northeast of England. The city itself has a population of 285,000. Including the surrounding areas, the population is approximately 1 million.

Newcastle became a famous industrial center in the nineteenth century, when it was a busy industrial port with a thriving coal mining industry. It remains extremely proud of its heritage.

The Climate in Newcastle

The United Kingdom has a variable and unpredictable ‘temperate maritime’ climate which changes from one day to the next. In general the summers are warm and the winters are cold; but nothing is guaranteed, and expats will quickly learn to carry an umbrella wherever they go, just in case.

It is worth noting that the coastal suburbs to the east of the city are subject to the usual moderating effects of the ocean, in this case the North Sea. This can mean high winds and cool temperatures, even when the rest of the city is enjoying temperate weather.

Finding Accommodation in Newcastle

Newcastle has a mixture of accommodation options, some in walking distance of the business district and the quayside. Newcomers can choose between traditional architecture, modern apartments, conversions and many more. Property is available both to buy and to rent. Expats should browse websites such as Right Move or Zoopla and local newspapers such as The Chronicle  and The Journal for current accommodation and prices. The InterNations Forums  are another useful resource,  as they enable users to hear about the experiences of other expatriates.

If you plan on renting a property, be aware that the landlord or letting agent will request a deposit, usually 4-6 weeks’ rent in advance. This can be claimed back upon moving out, subject to an inventory and check that the property has been left in good working order.

Popular residential locations in Newcastle include Fenham, Jesmond and Gosforth. Fenham is close to the Town Moor (a large open space), the hospital and the university. Jesmond is an attractive area popular with young professionals, which boasts Jesmond Dene, a green space, plus some good restaurants. Gosforth is further north and attracts a large number of families. It boasts a racecourse and a number of golf clubs. Expats who work in Newcastle can also consider living across the river in Gateshead, as it is easy to travel between the two.

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