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What It’s Like to Be a German Abroad 

According to the Global Expatriates Report by Finaccord, an estimated 600,000 Germans will be living abroad by 2021, though other estimates put this number much higher, especially within the EU. Regardless of whether it’s six thousand or six million, though, every expat experience is bound to have its own unique highs and lows!

What is common is the roller coaster of emotions: the joy of experiencing a new culture and tackling new challenges, but also the occasional feeling of foreignness and missing home. You’ll most likely be glad for the chance to bond with fellow German expats over your shared understanding that there’s more to Germany than just lederhosen and beer.

How to Meet Other German Expats  

As you begin your life abroad, it can be very helpful to find others who are going, or already have gone, through similar experiences. That’s why getting to know fellow Germans can be so important when you move to a new country (plus, it helps beat the homesickness). As a trusted community offering a range of experiences to connect global minds, InterNations lets you do just that! Established in 2007, it’s the largest global expat network with over 4 million members, and Germans make up a large share of the community.

Attending InterNations events, for example, is a sure-fire way to meet other expats, including other Germans. You’ll find a range of networking opportunities and activities tailored to your hobbies and interests, available both online and in person. Use this chance to exchange tips about expat life and make new friends.  

A Few Facts about German Expats  

InterNations conducts an annual survey of expats worldwide called Expat Insider, looking at questions like why they moved abroad, how long they plan to stay, and how happy they are.  

Here’s what German respondents shared about their experiences: 

  • Work continues to be a main motivation for German expats move abroad: while some were sent by their employer or recruited internationally, a considerable share also looked for that job abroad on their own. 

  • 71% of German expats speak the local language of their new home at least fairly well, compared to a global average of 59%.  

  • 76% of German expats are satisfied with life abroad, compared to a global average of 76%.  

  • Many Germans are serial expats: close to quarter (24%) had lived in four or more different foreign countries prior to their current stay abroad (vs. 17% globally).

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The Top Countries for German Expats 

So where can you find other Germans living abroad? InterNations has 420 communities in 166 countries, with not only the USA, Switzerland, or China popular destinations among German expats: 

German Expat Communities in Africa 

From multicultural South Africa to fascinating Egypt, the African continent offers German expats a rich variety of cultures, geographies, and experiences.

German Expat Communities in Asia  

Diverse and with an economy that is growing fast, Asia offers many opportunities for expats. German expats of all ages choose cities across Asia as their new home — whether for work, for love, or simply for the experience. 

German Expat Communities in Europe  

hanks to the free movement of persons, destinations within the EU/EEA are particularly popular among German expats. Countries across Europe are great destinations for German expats looking for somewhere new to live or work.

Western Europe

Eastern Europe

German Expat Communities in North America 

From beautiful Canada with its wilderness in the north, to the warmer destinations such as Mexico and Costa Rica to the south, the USA is not the only destination in North America that German expats might want to head to. 

German Expat Communities in Oceania  

German expats looking for friendly locals, an excellent quality of life, and who don’t mind the long-haul travel will love life in Oceania.: Australia and New Zealand are both known for their laid-back lifestyles and amazing nature.

German Expat Communities in South- & Middle America

Delicious cuisines, friendly people, typically low costs, and lively cultures make many countries in South America an intriguing choice for Germans planning to move abroad.